Spring Sprang and then went back to sleep!

March 8, 2011

Well, all my daffodils and hyacinths have bloomed and faded away. Last Friday the hubby and I went to the beach for a short getaway. It was beautiful (Sunny and 70’s) when we left. On Saturday it rained and then got colder–had to put the heat on in the house on the Alabama shore. Sunday, the sun came out at noon and we got to walk on the beach. No tarballs could be seen! The beach was sugary white. Still on the chilly side, though.

When we got home, the cooler weather had bruised our camellias and the white blossoms were turning tan and brown. That is why I usually do not like to have white blooming bushes in my garden. White blossoms just look so very sad when the bloom is passing.

Oh, such is life in the southern garden.

However, there is only a little over a month until the frost danger is past. I am already looking for a few good tomato plants!

Here is a product that is on my wish list! I think that one of these would help me patiently await the arrival of Springtime. I also imagine that one of these would keep me outside, too.

Green Telescopic Patio Heater

To buy this green (my very favorite color!) patio heater, click
Green Telescopic Patio Heater

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