In your garden you can attract more fairies by planting the right flowers and plants. The wee folk enjoy the herbs thyme and rosemary (they dance under this plant while their babes sleep in the branches!). Some good flower choices for a Fairy Garden are: Ferns, Rose, Queen Ann’s Lace, Pansies, Peonies, Lily of the Valley, Coralbells, Violet, Lilac, Four-o’clock, Nasturtium, Snapdragons, Shasta Daisy, Poppy, Hollyhock, Pinks, Baby’s Breath, Butterfly Bush, Purple Coneflower, Columbine, Four O’Clock, Bachelors Button, Forget-me-not, Purple Coneflower, Heather, Buttercup, Primrose, Periwinkle, Bluebell, Anemone, Snowdrops, Sweet Woodruff. I found these suggestions on

I am going to plant some Nasturtium seeds today in my vegetable garden. It is also a flower repels aphids, squash bugs, and striped pumpkin beetle. I have some zucchini seeds planted and I want to be able to make lots of bread and muffin with the resulting crop. Those Nasturtiums will be a great insect repelling companion plant. Maybe the fairies might help keep the raccoons away, too.

You might also want to create a little home for your fairy friends. Here is one idea found in the gardens in Epcot. Feel free to play with it.

teapot home for a fairy

A welcoming home for friendly wee folk!

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