Being a gardener of a “certain age” (over 50+), I tend to get the years, months, weeks and days confused. My brain is getting overloaded and is deleting files! To help me remember successes and mistakes, I started a journal just about gardening. I put in notes about when the first and last frost happened, what tomato plants did the best, etc….

If you find that you need to keep a record of your gardening, then go read Handmade Garden Journals on Squidoo. If you love your garden and love paper crafts, then this is a page you must visit. This article (or lens, as it is called on Squidoo) won the Sunshine award on the website. That means that all of the revenue that is generated by this lens goes to a charity (the ASPCA in this case). However, and this is the BIG however, because it won the award, the lensmaster gets a $99 prize for herself AND the charity gets $99, too. If you are interested in learning more about Squidoo, then click Why I Squidoo!.

If you do not have the time to make your own journal, below you can find some neat alternatives! Just click on the image to find out more about each.

Evergreen Forest Refillable Embossed Leather Journal
Evergreen Forest Refillable Embossed Leather Journal

I ran across this project that looks so easy. It is also a great way to “re-purpose” some of my junk. I must be careful and not make a moss basket that would embarrass my children. In one of my daughter’s mind, I am getting a little “junky”. It has become a great joy in my life to find a way to make her “roll” her eyes. I must add that my grandkids love my yard-art!

(the image here is from “How To Make a Moss Basket”)

How to Make a Moss Basket Planter

moss basket

Items you need to make a moss basket

I found the most charming article today. It is written by one of my Squidoo Friends, OhMe.

Pendleton Elementary School Memory Garden Logo

Logo for Pendleton Elementary School's Memory Garden

What caught my imagination was the section about the first grade’s “Color Garden”. I think it is a great idea for creating a garden with one’s own child! To read about this garden, visit Pendleton Elementary School Memory Garden. Thanks OhMe!

Create a box garden with your kids
The above link (Create a box garden with your kids)  will lead you to a charming video. Nice concise instructions on building a box garden.
If you would like, you can visit my Squidoo page to see how I built my raised bed garden.

Click My first raised bed garden.

raised bed garden

My first raised bed garden

I could not resist these charming lights from Nature Hills.

Here is a great product for the gardener: Laminated gardening guides. Wish I had invented this!
Click here to visit Laminated Garden Guides website!

If you want to learn how to grow vegetables in an easy, laid back way with lots of pictures and detailed explanations then this is your tool! I mean, who takes their laptop outside to read an ebook in their garden?

This company has an 8 sheet (16 pages), double-sided, fully laminated “Home Vegetable Garden Guide”.

vegetable gardening, garden guide, how to grow vegetables

This is what a gardening guide looks like.

This guide shows the following:
– where to put your vegetable garden,
– how to plan and prepare your home vegetable garden,
– what equipment you will need,
– how to plan the garden & plant placement,
– how to get more from your garden space,
– how to plant a vegetable garden correctly,
– how to prepare the seedbeds and select seeds,
– how to use vertical space and other gardening techniques,
– how to grow transplants or why to buy them,
– how to garden if you have small plot,
– how to grow vegetable garden successfully,
– what is container gardening and why may it be the choice for you,
– raised bed gardening tips&tricks
– how to feed and water vegetables properly
– the best mulches for home vegetable gardens

Sounds good, doesn’t it? If you need this guide now, you can download the ebook for $19.95. (I know, who needs an ebook to read in the garden? Well, sometimes one does get desperate!)

So go visit the Laminated Gardening Guides website and browse. Have fun.

Tomato Planting Tips

The above link will take you to my article on  I have packed it full of tips to increase your tomato crop. I use every one of my tomato planting tips in my small garden.

For those of you with a Books-A-Million in your neighborhood, I have a real find for you. Miracle-Gro has a waterproof Vegetables book on sale there for just $1. Really.  It is a handy vegetable gardening book with loads of information. And for $1 it is a bargain.

Below you will find an image from the article.

tomato plant

Before you plant your tomato, trim the lower leaves.

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