Boy (or girl), do I have a great resource for parents! I just found this article on (not a member? then click here).

notebook pages and activities for children in winter

Winter Wednesday Notebook

It is called “Winter Wednesday” (click here to visit this absolutely stunning collection of wintertime activities you can do with your children. There are art activities, science projects, nature studies–I could go on and on.

Winter can seem endless and boring, but this page makes it magical. I kid you not.

winter tree painting activity for a child

Winter Tree Painting from "Winter Wednesday"

The above image is an art activity that would be so much fun and creative! I would love to make one myself.

Science Fairs are about to spring upon parents of school aged children, and this page is full of fun learning activities for your kids.

Go check it out! You will be glad you did–even if you do not have school aged kids.

I know, you are thinking,” it is a yellow tomato plant.”  However, the leaves are not supposed to be yellow, too.

What to do? Go to my old standby! I am somewhat of a “tomato expert”, but I do not know everything–well, actually, I cannot remember everything I read. (“Why remember information when you can go find it?” I say!)

As coincidence, I had just read a wonderful article by Suzy_T, “10 Tomato Plant Problems”.

Can you guess, my problem was at the top of the list!

That night a friend called me and said, “The leaves on my tomato plant are curling up! What does that mean?” I sent her the link to that very article.

Suzy_T wrote a wonderful lens (article in Squidoo language) about the ten most common problems you might have with your tomato plants. I have experienced them all. But, like I said, too often I cannot remember what I did about them.

When I first started growing tomatoes, I had some years of successes (accidental, I am sure) and some really bad years when I only got one tomato off a plant that I spent $2.00 for! I had given up–almost!

In 2008, I grew some really nice plants and had such fun learning how to do it correctly.

The next year, my garden was really turning out the tomatoes–in containers and in the raised be my hubby built. I even wrote several “lenses” about my experiences. (Grow Great Tomatoes in Pots!; My Small Vegetable Garden; Tomato Planting and Growing Tips and my very first The Best Tomato and Cheese Sandwich.)

My yellowing leaves are probably a result of low nitrogen. Suzy recommended I add manure or compost. I do not have a compost pile, so I bought some Moo-neur.

I also boughtBonide 931 Garden Dust on the recommendation of the article by Suzy_T:

I found some at my local Home Depot, but it was not in the “spray dust” bottle.  I wish it had been.  Instead I mixed 1 Tablespoon of the dust in 1 quart of H20 and sprayed it on my plant. (I had to look up the formula on a website).
We shall see. I hope the combination of the manure and the spray will do the trick.

Yellow leaves on tomato plant

What to do?

We shall see what happens. I had such luck with the Lemon Boy last year, I would hate to loose it.

Now, go dig in some dirt!


Originally uploaded by bamakodaker

I wrote an article on the website Squidoo to take my mind off the Deepwater situation in Gulf Shores.

I know that this post is not about gardening, but I just feel like I should share Is Van der Sloot Guilty? with you.

The image shown here is of Belth Holloway Twitty’s hand at a press conference in 2005. I must say that I admire this mother for the way she has not given up on discovering what happened to her daughter, Natalee. I, personally, think Ms. Twitty is a class act. In the snippets I have seen of her on the news, I think she presents herself well. She is not hysterical nor pleading. She is calm yet passionate.

I do not know her. I may be completely wrong in my impression of her. If I am, do not tell me.

In the meantime, go read my article. Leave a comment and participate in the polls on the site.

Thanks, now go back and dig up some dirt.

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