Air Force Garden Gnome

This Garden Gnome is ready to fly!

I bought this garden gnome for my father for his 82nd birthday. He loves patriotic dodads to put in his yard, especially close to his gazebo. Unfortunately, his neighbors do not enjoy his collection of yard art as much as he does. Below is a picture of his gazebo. It will probably be the future home for this Air Force Gnome. Do you think it needs protection?

Pop's Gazebo-future home of the Air Force Garden Gnome

That is precisely the reason I got him this Military Garden Gnome. His yard does need protection!

Here is another view of his Gazebo from the golf course.

Gazebo on the 4th of July

If you want to read more about these precious garden protectors (or maybe you want to buy one for yourself!), visit my page on Squidoo, Military Gnomes to Protect Your Garden. I promise you that you will learn at least one thing about garden gnomes!

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