cloudy spot on tomatoes caused by stink bugs

Caused by stink bugs.

It has been unbearably hot here in the southland! It is only the first week of “summer” and the temps are in the 90’s. What does that mean? It is too hot for us Boomer-aged gardeners to keep an eye on the veggies growing, so the pests are having a ball! A garden party!

It is still too soon to know if I have a handle on the “yellowing leaves” thing, but who cares about that? I have a tomato that looks just like the ones in the picture above. (I found the picture on the Aggie Horticulture website). I also saw the BUG that causes that “cloudy spot”. It is a stink bug. There is one in the picture, too. Below is a bigger one that is more detailed.

Stink Bug

A stink bug can do more than stink up a garden!

I have done the research and most sites say to use an insecticidal soap. Well, mine ran out and I have not had good results with the home-made concoctions, so Home Depot will be seeing me tomorrow.

And as if yellowing leaves and cloudy spot are not enough, I think the squirrels have found my maters. There have been tiny bites on the sweetest green tomatoes on one of my plants. I am trying undiluted vinegar sprayed on the plant. I read about this on Organic Pest Control on This site also suggested using crushed jalapeno peppers, but I do not have any. Will let you know what happens.

Now go dig in your dirt–if it is not too hot outside!

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