Boy (or girl), do I have a great resource for parents! I just found this article on (not a member? then click here).

notebook pages and activities for children in winter

Winter Wednesday Notebook

It is called “Winter Wednesday” (click here to visit this absolutely stunning collection of wintertime activities you can do with your children. There are art activities, science projects, nature studies–I could go on and on.

Winter can seem endless and boring, but this page makes it magical. I kid you not.

winter tree painting activity for a child

Winter Tree Painting from "Winter Wednesday"

The above image is an art activity that would be so much fun and creative! I would love to make one myself.

Science Fairs are about to spring upon parents of school aged children, and this page is full of fun learning activities for your kids.

Go check it out! You will be glad you did–even if you do not have school aged kids.

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